Twin Dragon Karate Association was started 20 years ago by the founder and Chief Instructor Sensei Matt Fitzgerald.

The Association is one of the biggest in Co. Limerick
T.D.K.A is registered with the following support bodies

Irish Martial Arts Commission (I.M.A.C),
Irish Karate Advisory Board (I.K.A.B),
Amateur Martial Association (A.M.A) England
Cobra Martial Arts Association (C.M.A.A) England


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Adare Karate Association (A.K.A) is registered with T.D.K.A and we welcome other clubs and Associations who would like to register with T.D.K.A no matter what style of Martial Arts.

The Association has over twelve Black Belts and hope that some of them will go for their 2nd Dan black belts next year.

We train in Wado-Ryu Karate, Street Self-defense, KickBoxing and Aikido and use weapons such as the Jo staff, Tonfa, Knife, Bokken, Nunchaku, and the Tanjo.
In Aikido we use basic locks holds and take downs as there is a lack of storage space for the training mats in most of the halls,the training can some times be hard but very enjoyable.

It can take four to five years to reach your first black belt but the knowledge, conference, self respect and the respect for others that you gain along the way is enormous and can help a person to have a better out look in life.